Modern loft | IDwhite


Design Office: IDwhite

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania



Loft in a Marmalade Factory | Loft Kolasinski


Description by Loft Kolasinski:

Our project was done in a former warehouse of a marmalade factory, which operated before World War II in Szczecin (Poland). The project involved reconstruction of one of the open spaces for an apartment divided into 4 rooms (living room with a kitchenette, bedroom, office, bathroom). In the most part of the loft we preserved historic, wooden floors that have been restored. All the kitchen furniture were designed and built by Loft Kolasiński. Countertops were made of white marble and kitchen furniture of plywood. The rest of the furnishing is vintage furniture and lamps from the 50s and 60s from Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland and the Netherlands. The furniture have been renovated by Loft Kolasiński. For decoration we used a polish rug from the 30s.

Design Office: Loft Kolasinski

Location: Szczecin, Poland

Area: 80,0 sq. m.

Furniture production : Zbigniew Dzitkowski

Photographs: Karolina Bąk

Industrial Loft II | Diego Revollo Arquitetura

This 100,00 m2 loft  is located in in São Paulo, Brazil.

It was designed by Diego Revollo Arquitetura.

Description by Diego Revollo Arquitetura:

This 100 m2 Loft with structure and apparent installations is located in the noble neighborhood of Morumbi, in São Paulo.

Although the aesthetic appeal of New York sheds converted into housing in the 1970s is the main justification for the male audience in explaining their desire for this style of property, Diego Revollo, who is knowledgeable about this repertoire and with some other lofts in his portfolio, knows that this profile prioritizes good materials and functionality.

Handed by the builder almost without walls and already with the mezzanine, the apartment did not need a great remodel, except for the bathroom that was reduced and received black coating (floor, walls and ceiling) in burnt cement carbon. Diego Revollo invested in elegant finishes and original solutions to adapt the spaces.

There was a big integration in the ground floor, but eliminating the L-shaped bench from the kitchen and swapping it out for a dinner table has removed any kind of barrier.

Designed as a large box the social area had ceilings and walls brushed with gray burnt cement, highlighting the black metallic skeleton and the apparent electrical pipe, since in this type of solution it is not good to mask the structure, cover beams or put linings, says the architect.

The decoration of the loft was supportive, explains Diego Revollo. To warm the essentially dark palette and break sobriety, the tauari wood covers the entire floor and mats and objects bring color to it. The main attraction of the room, the TV shelf designed by Diego Revollo, resembles a pile of crates, and allows you to see the texture of the wall in the background.

 The well orchestrated tones of this loft in São Paulo highlight the industrial atmosphere.

Design Office: Diego Revollo Arquitetura

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Area: 100,00 sq.m.

Photographs:  Alain Brugier