Apartment in historic building | Nasciturus Design


Design Office: Nasciturus Design

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Photographs: Hanna Dlugosz, Hamish Cox


Industrial Home | Marisa Gonzalez LLanos


Design Office: Marisa Gonzalez LLanos

Location: Madrid, Spain


Party Apartment | Nghiêm Phong + Đào Thành


Design Office: Nghiêm Phong, Đào Thành

Location: Keangnam, Ha Noi, VietNam

Area: 350.0 m2

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Quang Tran



Apartment “ALISE” | Oksana Dolgopiatova



Design Office: Oksana Dolgopiatova

Location: Kiev, Ukraine


Family Apartment | RUST Architects

The family apartment is located in central Tel Aviv, Israel.

It was designed by RUST Architects.

Description by RUST Architects:

The creation of two dividable public areas was the foundation of planning this family apartment in central Tel Aviv. The apartment was extended and lengthened, with a large space connecting between the existing and new spaces creating a new large public area in the apartment. The apartment size is 165sqm.
On the street side of the apartment there is a large lounge that is connected to other public functions; the kitchen, terrace, dining and a reading area. An additional family room acts as a children’s area including a library and work space. This area forms a junction leading to all children’s bedrooms.
A long corridor which connects the two lounges is left exposed on the one side with exposed bricks and on the other with the original concrete of the building.  The corridor functions as an axis between all bedrooms and washrooms.
Down the hall, a large wooden door with hidden hinges and acoustic system, allows separation between the two parts of the house, so that the two lounges can be used in parallel without interfering with one another.
All carpentry was custom designed and made to fit the requirements of the family and hidden within many storage areas customized specifically according to their use. The black wood cladding in the living room conceals the media system which continues around the corner as a large storage unit for the entrance. The yellow wooden bench facing the street serves as a library for the family’s record collection. The kitchens service unit dividing between the kitchen and the dining space, on one side holds a pantry and many appliances, while on the other side acts as a shelving unit.
Various flooring types, ceiling shelves, painted walls and different materials, allow the division of the public areas according to need without blocking views with a wall or divider. Delicate profiles such as black iron and aluminum separate between materials allowing them to exist side by side harmoniously.
Light fixtures line the length of the corridor emphasizing the movement through the apartment and changes in color and finishing materials of the fixtures produce a rich and varying pace.
To maximize light in private spaces transparent facades were used such as steel doors combined with glass, partitions with upper windows and painting with a glossy finish.

Design Office: RUST Architects

Design Team: Raanan Stern,  Shany Tal.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Area: 160.00 m2

Project Year: 2016

Photographs: Gidon Levin


Colorful Apartment | Special Project Venediktov

The minimalist colorful apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine.

It was designed by Special Project Venediktov.


Architects: Oleksii Venediktov, Antonina Venediktova
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Area: 160.00 m2

Photographs: Andrey Avdeenko



Apartment in Norway | Nordico


Design Office: Nordico

Location: Oslo, Norway


Apartment in Vladivostok | ONI Architects

Design Office: ONI Architects

Location: Vladivostok, Russia

Area: 75,5 m2


Modolell Home | Conti, Cert.

The Modolell Home is situared in Barcelona, Spain.

It was designed by Conti, Cert. Arquitectos.

Design Office: Conti, Cert.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Photographs: Jose Hevia


Wil’s 11 | The Roof Studio

Wil’s 11 is situated next to a lake in Shah Alam, Malaysia.

It was designed by  The Roof Studio.

Description by The Roof Studio:

As this project is situated next to a lake, the designer has made it a point to feature major natural design elements the capture the soothing vibe of its surroundings and translating it into the interior spaces. Personalized through the use of natural wood, the theme of its design is centred on a modern and contemporary style. The main highlight of this project lies in the design of its living room, which sports a full-length, double volume wood-based wall feature matched with sheer curtains that accentuate the magnificence of its existing architectural structure. On top of that, the designer has coated the interior with a stylish neutral colour palette which complements the design features as the minimalist furnishing approach has enabled the space to stay wide and open, promoting a cosy and comfortable ambience.

Design Office:  The Roof Studio

Location: Shah Alam, Malaysia